Mathematical Foundation of Evolutionary Theory: Summary

The course is over. Only one thing I can be sure about: I learned a lot. Cannot say the same about the students. Probably I gave too much biology to the applied math students and too much mathematics to the bioinformatics students. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the math program at Lomonosov University (Department of bioengineering and bioinformatics) is quite serious, the students (well, most of them) lack abstract thinking. Next time it has to be more examples with numbers, not just general theorems. And of course the final test was a sheer disappointment.

Anyway, I am extremely glad that I had an opportunity to give this course to two very different audiences at the same time.

And as usual: Any comments are welcome.

Happy New Year to everyone!


About Artem Novozhilov

I am an applied mathematician interested in studying various evolutionary processes by means of mathematical models. More on my professional activities can be found on my page
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2 Responses to Mathematical Foundation of Evolutionary Theory: Summary

  1. Artem Sergeevich, thank you for the course and lections. It was interesting for me.
    One amusing question: The course is over, how do You think, who turned out more adapted for this course: applied math students or bioinformatics students? Whom is this course fit more?

    • Thanks!

      The course, how it is written in the lectures, is for biology students, not for applied math students. Although I need to mention that I tried to feed your group more math contents than at Lomonosov University.

      I hope I’ll have a chance to give this course again, and, if my audience are math students, I know what to add, and if they are biology students, I am pretty sure what has to be changed.

      And Happy New Year!

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