Where to publish

There are a lot of various journals that publish papers in mathematical biology. Here is a somewhat personal list:

I. Exclusively mathematical biology journals:

1. Journal of Mathematical Biology, Springer
2. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Springer
3. Journal of Theoretical Biology, Elsevier
4. Journal of Theoretical population biology, Elsevier
5. Mathematical Biosciences
6. Mathematical Medicine and Biology, Oxford
7. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, AIMS
8. Journal of Biological Dynamics, Taylor & Francis

II. Biological journals:

1. Acta Biotheoretica, Springer
2. BMC Systems Biology
3. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Taylor & Francis
4. Journal of computational biology
5. Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Springer
6. Journal of Biological Systems, World Scientific
7. Molecular BioSystems
8. PLOS Computational Biology
10. Biology Direct
11. Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series B
12. Genetics Research, Cambridge
13. Evolution, Wiley
14. Ecological modelling, Elsevier
15. Molecular Biology and Evolution, Oxford
16. Bioinformatics, Oxford
17. BMC Bioinformatics
18. Genetics
19. Evolution, Wiley
20. American Naturalist

III. Applied mathematics journals:

1. Biostatistics, Oxford
2. SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics
3. Nonlinear analysis: Real World Applications, Elsevier
4. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, Taylor & Francis
5. Nonlinearity

IV. Physical biology:

1. Physical Review E
2. Physical Biology

V. Interdisciplinary journals:

1. Nature
2. Science
3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
4. Interface, Royal Society Publishing

I am going to update this list from time to time.


About Artem Novozhilov

I am an applied mathematician interested in studying various evolutionary processes by means of mathematical models. More on my professional activities can be found on my page https://www.ndsu.edu/pubweb/~novozhil/
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1 Response to Where to publish

  1. Andrei Akhmetzhanov says:

    Есть еще 2 хороших журнала Ecology & American Naturalist. Последний считается весьма и весьма в области мат.биологии

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