Joint Mathematics Meeting 2012, Boston

January 4-7 I attended Joint Mathematics Meeting held this year in Boston, Massachusetts. Although  in the program of this meeting my name in only for one presentation, I managed to give another one at one of the special session on Recent Advances in Mathematical Biology, Ecology, and Epidemiology. This second presentation was on the heterogeneous models of epidemic spread, and one of the reasons I decided to ask to replace the missing presentation was presence in the room Pauline van den Driessche, who is a classic in the epidemiology modeling field.

My scheduled presentation in the program was on the replicator equation and space, the slides can be found here.

I do not have any significant comments on the conference because I visited only several sections. The total number of people was very impressive though (7200 registered participants).

From January 9th I am at NCBI/NLM/NIH, Bethesda, MD.


About Artem Novozhilov

I am an applied mathematician interested in studying various evolutionary processes by means of mathematical models. More on my professional activities can be found on my page
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