Graduate differential equations I at NDSU this Fall

This Fall I will be teaching, among other courses, an introductory graduate course on Ordinary Differential Equations. This is actually one of my favorite courses, which, among other things, shows how actually mathematics is being developed, contrary to more abstract courses such as Analysis or Algebra, which develop various mathematical concepts without specific motivation. To proceed with the analysis of ODE I will need

  • Notion of a Banach space
  • Contraction mapping theorem
  • Notion of a linear operator
  • Matrix exponent
  • Jordan normal form
  • Derivative along a vector field
  • Notion of a self-adjoint operator
  • Hilbert spaces

and many other important things.

Anyway, as with many other my courses, I am not satisfied with any of the existing textbooks (but still think that Hirch and Smale is the best 100% rigorous graduate introduction, Arnold is indispensable for acquiring the geometric intuition, Hartman is a must have reference book, and Teschl is a comprehensive modern treatment), and planning to prove students with my own lecture notes. Here is the first introductory part of them

Chapter 1: Introduction

More can be found on the course web page.


About Artem Novozhilov

I am an applied mathematician interested in studying various evolutionary processes by means of mathematical models. More on my professional activities can be found on my page
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