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Applied category theory?

Category is a most abstract mathematical notion, which, however, found its way to computer science and physics, for example. Here is an attempt to present the category theory for a broader audience. Abstract: There are many books designed to introduce … Continue reading

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Mathematical Tools for Understanding Infectious Disease Dynamics

by Odo Diekmann, Hans Heesterbeek, and Tom Britton.                   I already had a very short announcement about this book.  Now I had a chance to look through it and here are my two … Continue reading

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Evolution: Making Sense of Life

This is a new book on evolution for Biology majors, written by a scientific journalist and a researcher. Here is a link. The publisher is the same that published an absolutely wonderful book Elements of evolutionary genetics.

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Dynamical systems and models in biology

In 2010 we published the book “Dynamical systems and models in biology.” The book is in Russian. Here is the contents of the book, translated into English, with very short commentaries: Contents 

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A new book on mathematical epidemiology

Looking through I found that by the end of this summer a new book on mathematical epidemiology is going to be published: Mathematical Tools for Understanding Infectious Disease Dynamics by Odo Diekmann, Hans Heesterbeek & Tom Britton. Considering the fact that … Continue reading

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Royal Society journal archive now free

All the papers 70 years old and older are free to download. Here is a link.

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It seems that this wonderful magazine on mathematics and physics for young people seized to exist in a paper format. Which is, let me say, not very exiting. Here are a couple of reference: One Two

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Elements of evolutionary genetics

At last I got my own copy of the book by Brian and Deborah Charlesworth. This book, which summarizes our knowledge on the methods of theoretical evolutionary genetics, is a perfect example why biologists should learn mathematics. The book does … Continue reading

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A short history of mathematical population dynamics

This is a very recent book that provides a short overview of some of the major accomplishments of the mathematical modeling in biological sciences for the last thousand years. The book is short and very well illustrated, and the author … Continue reading

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