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I will talk about Smale’s horseshoe this Friday at our regular Math Club. My presentation at the AMS sectional meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 17, 2016, Special Session on Topological and Smooth Dynamics, IV, Room 308, Minard Hall, for 2:30pm (the last talk). … Continue reading

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And one more link

Large-scale comparison of science teaching methods sends clear message However, in undergraduate STEM education, we have the curious situation that, although more effective teaching methods have been overwhelmingly demonstrated, most STEM courses are still taught by lectures—the pedagogical equivalent of bloodletting.

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Hilbert’s 16-th problem solved. Or not?..

Hilbert’s 16th problem. When variational principles meet differential systems Jaume Llibre, Pablo Pedregal We provide an upper bound for the number of limit cycles that polynomial differential systems of a given degree may have. The bound turns out to be … Continue reading

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A new university ranking 746 North Dakota State University

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Workshop for young researchers in Mathematical Biology

E.O. Wilson says you can be successful as a scientist without math. Well, maybe. But, you can improve your chances of success if you take a breath, let go of your fear of math, and take some time to learn … Continue reading

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Another online course: Introduction to Complexity

In association with the Santa Fe Institute, Melanie Mitchell will teach a free online course called Introduction to Complexity starting on January 28, 2013. This course is intended for anyone with an interest in complex systems. For this introductory course, there are no prerequisites, and … Continue reading

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A quick update

This semester I am teaching two courses: Introduction to ODE and senior undergraduate level PDE course; During the next week I am giving a short presentation at Joint Mathematics Meeting at San Diego, the title is Analysis of a stochastic SIR … Continue reading

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Introduction to Genetics and Evolution

A free video course “Introduction to Genetics and Evolution” starts October, 10.

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Peppered moth and evolution: The end of the story?

Here is the abstract from Selective bird predation on the peppered moth: the last experiment of Michael Majerus: Colour variation in the peppered moth Biston betularia was long accepted to be under strong natural selection. Melanics were believed to be fitter than … Continue reading

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Visit to Taiwan

November 27, 2011 – December 11, 2011 I am going to be at the Institute of Physics of Academia Sinica, located in Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan. This visit became possible due to the kind invitation from David Saakian. The main purpose of … Continue reading

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