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How to write teaching statement. The plagiarism problem in science. Advertisements

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Modeling biological evolution

Here is the latest issue of Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena devoted to the modeling of biological evolution: link This volume includes my (with co-authors) paper Replicator Equations and Space, which is somewhat different from the arXiv version in a few … Continue reading

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After a string of scandals involving accusations of misconduct and retracted papers, social psychology is engaged in intense self-examination—and the process is turning out to be painful. This week, a global network of nearly 100 researchers unveiled the results of … Continue reading

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Peer review system, open access, and everything else

Here are a few links to interesting posts: Who’s afraid of peer review? Opinion on the link above: I confess, I wrote the Arsenic DNA paper to expose flaws in peer-review at subscription based journals “Open access spam” and how journals … Continue reading

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