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Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks

It looks like that finally a monograph about mathematical approaches to the modeling of epidemic spread on networks is written and will be published in May, 2017. Here is the publisher’s web page. Here is Table of contents. Really looking … Continue reading

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Mathematics of Networks: Summer 2015

On May 19th I am starting summer graduate course at NDSU. The course in on Mathematics of Networks, and an ultimate goal for these four weeks is to get by the end of the course to the existing tools of … Continue reading

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Dynamical systems on networks

A recent tutorial from arXiv: Dynamical Systems on Networks: A Tutorial

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Complex Networks in Ecology


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Dusk of Facebook?

Epidemiological modeling of online social network dynamics The last decade has seen the rise of immense online social networks (OSNs) such as MySpace and Facebook. In this paper we use epidemiological models to explain user adoption and abandonment of OSNs, … Continue reading

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Infectious Disease Dynamics

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Studies hold in August-September 2013 one month workshop on Infectious Disease Dynamics. Here is a link to an extensive list of presentations.

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Yandex Seminar Video

Here is a link to Yandex seminar. In particular, A modern view on centrality measuress Random graph process models for large networks (upcoming)

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New and old courses on Coursera

Another manifestation of the popularity of the ideas of the network science is the number of courses at Coursera, which deal with different aspects of the network approach to various fields. Here is the current list: Networked life by Michael … Continue reading

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Fall 2013: Mathematics of Networks

In Fall 2013 I am scheduled to give a graduate course Math 767: Topics in Applied Mathematics, and the topic I chose is Mathematics of Networks. Course theme and course description: Networks are the language that is used today in … Continue reading

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