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Modeling biological evolution

Here is the latest issue of Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena devoted to the modeling of biological evolution: link This volume includes my (with co-authors) paper Replicator Equations and Space, which is somewhat different from the arXiv version in a few … Continue reading

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On the biological insight

I claim that I am a researcher in mathematical biology. By this I mostly understand studying biological problems by using the mathematical modeling method. Additionally, I am interested in analyzing properties of mathematical models arising in mathematical biology. I strongly … Continue reading

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JMM 2013: Impressions

Here are some personal impressions from JMM 2013: I attended in full only three sections. To make an interesting conference when there are over 6 thousand registered participants is almost impossible. However, the section on AMS Special Session on the Mathematics … Continue reading

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A quick update

This semester I am teaching two courses: Introduction to ODE and senior undergraduate level PDE course; During the next week I am giving a short presentation at Joint Mathematics Meeting at San Diego, the title is Analysis of a stochastic SIR … Continue reading

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Workshop “Epidemics on Networks: Current Trends and Challenges”

A very interesting workshop: Workshop “Epidemics on Networks: Current Trends and Challenges” (EpiNet 2012) at the University of Girona, Girona (Catalonia), Spain. Date: 2012-09-05 to 2012-09-07. This is the 2nd announcement of the workshop “Epidemics on Networks: Current trends and … Continue reading

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Epidemiological models with parametric heterogeneity

I just got the link to my paper that I uploaded to arXiv (here is the link: Epidemiological models with parametric heterogeneity: Deterministic theory for closed populations). This paper reviews what I was able to learn about epidemiological models using the general … Continue reading

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Joint Mathematics Meeting 2012, Boston

January 4-7 I attended Joint Mathematics Meeting held this year in Boston, Massachusetts. Although  in the program of this meeting my name in only for one presentation, I managed to give another one at one of the special session on Recent Advances in Mathematical … Continue reading

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