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Interview with Vladimir Voevodsky

Vladimir Voevodsky is one of the most acclaimed contemporary pure mathematicians.  It is very interesting therefore to read his opinion about pure and applied mathematics. Here is a recent interview, made by another very good pure mathematician Roman Mikhailov (the interview … Continue reading

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Lectures on Mathematical foundations of evolutionary theory

I looked through my lectures on the course I gave twice during the last couple of years and made some small changes, fixed a few typos, etc. Here are all the lectures together, in Russian: Lecture 0: A naive introduction … Continue reading

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Videos from Mathematical Biosciences Institute

Here is a list of videos, which I plan to watch: Run for your Life Odo Diekmann Effective population sizes and the canonical equation of adaptive dynamics Johan (=Hans) Metz Simple, very simple, and not so simple models of populations lingering around … Continue reading

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Kin and kind (again about kin selection)

Now the details of the story Nowak et al. vs kin selection are in New Yorker. Here is a post by Jerry Coyne with his critique of the article.

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An interview with Warren Ewens

A must read interview with an expert in population genetics: Interview

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Mathematics and biology

Is mathematics actually important for biology? Not statistics, which is a necessary tool for any person with some data at hands, but the math, which is used to formulate mathematical models? Or, putting in other words, do the mathematical models … Continue reading

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