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It would be good to go: SMB Meeting 2013

The Society for Mathematical Biology, Annual Meeting and Conference June 10 – 13, 2013 Site Advertisements

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A quick update

This semester I am teaching two courses: Introduction to ODE and senior undergraduate level PDE course; During the next week I am giving a short presentation at Joint Mathematics Meeting at San Diego, the title is Analysis of a stochastic SIR … Continue reading

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Disease Dynamics 2013: Immunization, a true multi-scale problem

An interesting workshop: Disease Dynamics. Start date is January 17, 2013, the end date is January 19, 2013, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, Canada.

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A new book on mathematical epidemiology

Looking through Amazon.com I found that by the end of this summer a new book on mathematical epidemiology is going to be published: Mathematical Tools for Understanding Infectious Disease Dynamics by Odo Diekmann, Hans Heesterbeek & Tom Britton. Considering the fact that … Continue reading

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Videos from Mathematical Biosciences Institute

Here is a list of videos, which I plan to watch: Run for your Life Odo Diekmann Effective population sizes and the canonical equation of adaptive dynamics Johan (=Hans) Metz Simple, very simple, and not so simple models of populations lingering around … Continue reading

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Epidemiological models with parametric heterogeneity

I just got the link to my paper that I uploaded to arXiv (here is the link: Epidemiological models with parametric heterogeneity: Deterministic theory for closed populations). This paper reviews what I was able to learn about epidemiological models using the general … Continue reading

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