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Eigen quasispecies model and isometry groups

Quite some time ago Yura Semenov and I uploaded yet another paper on the quasispecies theory (this is a continuation of this research), here is an archive link. The title of the paper is “On Eigen’s quasispecies model, two-valued fitness … Continue reading

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Beyond Mendel: modeling in biology

Modeling has a long and distinguished history in biology, and is becoming increasingly important as the growing availability of enormous datasets challenges the ability of biologists to extract understanding from knowledge [1]. The construction of models for biological systems is … Continue reading

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A couple links

How to write teaching statement. The plagiarism problem in science.

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Mathematical analysis of quasispecies model

Finally I uploaded a third our paper on the analysis of quasispecies model. Here all the links together: Linear algebra of the permutation invariant Crow-Kimura model of prebiotic evolution (This text deals with the symmetric or permutation invariant fitness landscape and … Continue reading

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More on quasispecies

I uploaded to arXiv our paper On the behavior of the leading eigenvalue of Eigen’s evolutionary matrices. This is our second joint work with Yura Semenov and Alexander Bratus, both from Moscow, on the Eigen model. The first one was devoted … Continue reading

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What does it mean to present “an exact solution” of the quasispecies model?

This post is a continuation of many previous discussions, e.g., one, two. In a nutshell, the whole problem is to find the leading eigenvalue and the corresponding eigenvector of the eigenvalue problem where , is a positive parameter, , and … Continue reading

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And again about the impact factors

To correct distortions in the evaluation of scientific research, DORA aims to stop the use of the “journal impact factor” in judging an individual scientist’s work. The Declaration states that the impact factor must not be used as “a surrogate measure of … Continue reading

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Replicator equations and space

Here is a recent paper by Alexander Bratus, Vladimir Posvyanskii, and yself, that we uploaded to arXiv: Replicator equations and space We chose quite an ad hoc method to model the spatial evolution of the frequencies of interacting species, but the … Continue reading

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Open Access

White House moves to make federally funded research open to the public.  

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Price vs Prestige for Open Access Publication

Here is a nice study which plots the prestige (article influence score) versus the price for open access publication: There is an obvious correlation between the price and “prestige”, but also there are journals that ask a lot for “not … Continue reading

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