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Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks

It looks like that finally a monograph about mathematical approaches to the modeling of epidemic spread on networks is written and will be published in May, 2017. Here is the publisher’s web page. Here is Table of contents. Really looking … Continue reading

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Literature for Mathematics of Networks

I got to the middle of my course Mathematics of Networks, and definitely a lot of things are much clearer for me now than they were before. I am not sure I will be able to cover some applied aspects … Continue reading

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Books and manuals for the computer algebra systems

For many years I tried to pick the best possible book or manual on different computer algebra systems. This post is a personal account of different sources I used as manuals. The first computer algebra system that I was extensively using … Continue reading

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Applied category theory?

Category is a most abstract mathematical notion, which, however, found its way to computer science and physics, for example. Here is an attempt to present the category theory for a broader audience. Abstract: There are many books designed to introduce … Continue reading

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Mathematical Tools for Understanding Infectious Disease Dynamics

by Odo Diekmann, Hans Heesterbeek, and Tom Britton.                   I already had a very short announcement about this book.  Now I had a chance to look through it and here are my two … Continue reading

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Evolution: Making Sense of Life

This is a new book on evolution for Biology majors, written by a scientific journalist and a researcher. Here is a link. The publisher is the same that published an absolutely wonderful book Elements of evolutionary genetics.

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Interesting mathematical topics arising from Biology

Here is a thread from mathoverflow.net about interesting topics arising from biology. The answers in the thread themselves are not that informative but there are some really good references. In particular, there is a reference to a collection of papers on linking … Continue reading

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