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What does it mean to present “an exact solution” of the quasispecies model?

This post is a continuation of many previous discussions, e.g., one, two. In a nutshell, the whole problem is to find the leading eigenvalue and the corresponding eigenvector of the eigenvalue problem where , is a positive parameter, , and … Continue reading

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Dusk of Facebook?

Epidemiological modeling of online social network dynamics The last decade has seen the rise of immense online social networks (OSNs) such as MySpace and Facebook. In this paper we use epidemiological models to explain user adoption and abandonment of OSNs, … Continue reading

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Linear algebra of the permutation invariant Crow–Kimura model of prebiotic evolution

I uploaded to arXiv our joint text with Alexander Bratus and Yuri Semenov: arXiv:1306.0111. The text gives an interesting (in my humble opinion, of course) prospective on the problem of the error threshold. Using the fact that the mutation matrix … Continue reading

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Presentation on mathematical modeling of biological evolution

Here are the slides from my presentation at Physics Department in NDSU, on October 29. I will be talking about the same stuff this Friday, November 2d, at Junior Colloquium.

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Ginzburg Conference on Physics

May 28 – June 2, at Lebedev Institute there will be held Ginzburg Conference on Physics. Sergei Fedotov  is going to have his presentation on June 1, section “Nonlinear Dynamics.” He is also looking for a research associate to work … Continue reading

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Visit to Taiwan

November 27, 2011 – December 11, 2011 I am going to be at the Institute of Physics of Academia Sinica, located in Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan. This visit became possible due to the kind invitation from David Saakian. The main purpose of … Continue reading

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The Logic of Chance by Eugene Koonin

The Logic of Chance by Eugene Koonin now can be  found on any internet site selling books (and on many other sites as well). This book gives a synthetic (albeit quite personal) view of the modern evolutionary biology. A significant part of the book … Continue reading

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