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Eugene Koonin on the Virus World

Here is a link to an interview with Eugene Koonin: link

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Infectious Disease Dynamics

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Studies hold in August-September 2013 one month workshop on Infectious Disease Dynamics. Here is a link to an extensive list of presentations.

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Video from conference on Random Graphs at Yandex

Yandex uploaded videos from the talks at the Workshop on Random Graphs and their Applications. Some of them are quite interesting. 

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Yandex Seminar Video

Here is a link to Yandex seminar. In particular, A modern view on centrality measuress Random graph process models for large networks (upcoming)

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New and old courses on Coursera

Another manifestation of the popularity of the ideas of the network science is the number of courses at Coursera, which deal with different aspects of the network approach to various fields. Here is the current list: Networked life by Michael … Continue reading

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Game Theory II

Stanford and the University of British Columbia started a 4-weeks advanced course on Game Theory. The first part by the same instructors is on Coursera. From the preview: Course Timing Week 1: Social Choice Release date May 26, midnight PDT Problem … Continue reading

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More video courses

A new course on Coursera  “Social and economic networks”: https://class.coursera.org/networksonline-001/class/index A video course by Andrey Matveevich Filimonov “Partial Differential Equations”: http://ium.mccme.ru/s13/PDE-II.html http://ium.mccme.ru/IUM-video.html

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Another online course: Introduction to Complexity

In association with the Santa Fe Institute, Melanie Mitchell will teach a free online course called Introduction to Complexity starting on January 28, 2013. This course is intended for anyone with an interest in complex systems. For this introductory course, there are no prerequisites, and … Continue reading

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Introduction to Genetics and Evolution

A free video course “Introduction to Genetics and Evolution” starts October, 10. https://www.coursera.org/course/geneticsevolution

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Videos from Mathematical Biosciences Institute

Here is a list of videos, which I plan to watch: Run for your Life Odo Diekmann Effective population sizes and the canonical equation of adaptive dynamics Johan (=Hans) Metz Simple, very simple, and not so simple models of populations lingering around … Continue reading

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