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Mathematical analysis of quasispecies model

Finally I uploaded a third our paper on the analysis of quasispecies model. Here all the links together: Linear algebra of the permutation invariant Crow-Kimura model of prebiotic evolution (This text deals with the symmetric or permutation invariant fitness landscape and … Continue reading

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Taylor and Francis: Open access for April

This April Taylor & Francis offer free online access to over 300 of our journals in: Physics Engineering Computer Science Mathematics & Statistics To access any of the journal a registration (free) is required

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Open Access

White House moves to make federally funded research open to the public.  

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Price vs Prestige for Open Access Publication

Here is a nice study which plots the prestige (article influence score) versus the price for open access publication: There is an obvious correlation between the price and “prestige”, but also there are journals that ask a lot for “not … Continue reading

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New open access peer-reviewed journal

And yet another initiative by mathematicians to put the business of research publications into order. Here is a post by Tim Gowers that explains the details. In a nutshell some funds were found which are necessary to maintain servers for new … Continue reading

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JSTOR now free to public

The archives of more than 1,200 journals are now available for limited free reading by the public, JSTOR announced today. Anyone can sign up for a JSTOR account and read up to three articles for free every two weeks.

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Springer provides open access to some of its journals

Following Royal Society, Springer opens some of its archives till November, 30. The list of mathematical journals includes Journal of Mathematical Biology and Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. More information

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More open access papers

All content on Royal Society Publishing is free till November 29. More news from Royal Society here.

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Free access to archived articles in mathematical journals of Elsevier

The details and list of the journals with full archives (the first issue–2008) can be found here.

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Elsevier, mathematicians and everyone else…

This is an update on my post The cost of knowledge. Mathematicians take a stand — We survey the reasons for the ongoing boycott of the publisher Elsevier. We examine Elsevier’s pricing and bundling policies, restrictions on dissemination by authors, and lapses … Continue reading

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