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Another paper

Our already long list of papers devoted to the analysis of a replicator equation became longer with a new paper by Alexander Bratus, Volodya Posvyanskii and myself, “Solutions with a bounded support promote permanence of a distributed replicator equation,” which … Continue reading

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Modeling biological evolution

Here is the latest issue of Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena devoted to the modeling of biological evolution: link This volume includes my (with co-authors) paper Replicator Equations and Space, which is somewhat different from the arXiv version in a few … Continue reading

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Replicator equations and space

Here is a recent paper by Alexander Bratus, Vladimir Posvyanskii, and yself, that we uploaded to arXiv: Replicator equations and space We chose quite an ad hoc method to model the spatial evolution of the frequencies of interacting species, but the … Continue reading

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Cooperative RNA replicators and the origin of life

A recent Nature paper concerning cooperative networks of RNA molecules. Here is the abstract: The origins of life on Earth required the establishment of self-replicating chemical systems capable of maintaining and evolving biological information. In an RNA world, single self-replicating … Continue reading

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Lectures on Mathematical foundations of evolutionary theory

I looked through my lectures on the course I gave twice during the last couple of years and made some small changes, fixed a few typos, etc. Here are all the lectures together, in Russian: Lecture 0: A naive introduction … Continue reading

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Prisoner’s Dilemma in Action


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Joint Mathematics Meeting 2012, Boston

January 4-7 I attended Joint Mathematics Meeting held this year in Boston, Massachusetts. Although  in the program of this meeting my name in only for one presentation, I managed to give another one at one of the special session on Recent Advances in Mathematical … Continue reading

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